Protection Plans

Platinum Shield Protection for All Makes & Models

Your car takes just about anything you can throw at it. Protect your investment with First Canadian Platinum Shield Protections and maintain the aesthetic of your vehicle’s interior and exterior. Keep your vehicle in showroom condition, inside and out and protect your Toyota.

Interior Protection

Save your fabric, vinyl or leather interior from sun damage, staining, drying or cracking and enjoy your vehicle’s interior for years to come. Leather and vinyl treatments leave a satin matte finish that protects against colour changes while fabric seats become easily cleaned while preserving the texture of the material.



Paint Protection

Seal in your paint’s luster with the clear protective sealant. Protection against ultraviolet rays will ensure the your colour stays as bright as the day you drove off the lot and the treatment leaves your vehicle with a smooth finish that shines.



Rust Protection

Protect your vehicle against the harsh salt, chemicals and pollutants that can cause rust damage to your vehicle. Rust Inhibitor Spray is applied to the inner cavities and crevices of your vehicle to keep water at bay. Also available is the corrosion control module that uses a repetitive pulsing surface current to reduce oxidation.



Undercoat Protection

Keep moisture and salt build up away from your car’s vital parts with a durable undercoating that won’t chip or crack. While it’s busy keeping your vehicle in top shape, the coating also helps insulate your vehicle keeping the cold and heat out of your cabin space.



Maintenance Kit

Extend the life of your vehicle using the maintenance kit that’s long lasting and easy to apply. The kit includes: Paint Cleaner/Restorer, Car Wash Concentrate, Premium Leahter Conditioner, Spot Remover, Chamois and an Applicator Sponge.