The Best Toyota Cars for City Driving: Compact and Efficient

Compact and efficient - that's what most people look for in a new car, especially when it comes to driving around the city, which can be quite hectic at times. While some people may say that they like to indulge in the luxury of sporty cars and high-performance sedans, this usually isn't their cup of tea - especially when they have to drive through crowded streets.

These days, it's all about stylish yet practical cars that are easy on the pocket and don't compromise on space or efficiency. Here are some Toyota fuel-efficient cars that are ideal for city driving.

Toyota Camry Hybrid



The Camry hybrid isn’t the most compact vehicle under the Toyota flagship. However, it’s one of the most efficient. Featuring a 2.5L gas electric I4 engine, the Camry comes with an electronically controlled eCVT transmission. This allows you to move around comfortably, even in high-traffic areas.


This is a front-wheel drive, which delivers a combined fuel economy of 4.8L/100km to 4.9L/100km in the city/highway. Although not many may consider the Camry right away for city driving, one would be surprised at its capabilities. This has been one of Toyota’s top models for years, and it doesn’t look like slowing down anytime soon.


Toyota Corolla Hybrid



Another sedan that’s perfect for city travel is the Corolla hybrid. This roomy sedan comes with a 1.8L gas electric I4 engine that delivers 138hp and 156 lb-ft of torque. This front-wheel drive vehicle also features an eCVT transmission, making it perfect for city roads. This classy ride has a combined fuel efficiency of 4.4L/100km to 5.1L/100km in the city/highway.


Just like the Camry, the Corolla is also one of the most underestimated vehicles from Toyota. It is capable of delivering top acceleration and has stop-and-go capabilities like no other - both qualities you would want in your city car.


Toyota RAV4 Hybrid



If hatchbacks don't impress you and sedans are not your style, then the RAV4 is something that will definitely get you swooning over its appearance and performance. This is one of the best fuel-saving Toyota cars. This crossover features a 2.5L I4 engine delivering a horsepower of 219 and torque of 221 lb-ft.


This is an all-wheel drive vehicle, making it perfect for your daily travels, irrespective of the weather conditions. Featuring a CVT transmission, the RAV4 offers a fuel efficiency of 5.8L/100km to 6.3L/100km in the city/highway


Toyota Prius



If you think that you have to compromise on your car’s looks to get something compact and efficient for the city, then lo and behold the Toyota Prius. This sporty sedan can give any luxury vehicle a run for its money. Featuring a 2L gas electric I4 engine, the Prius delivers a horsepower of 196 and torque of 129 lb-ft.


This is an all-wheel drive with an eCVT transmission, making it ideal for daily driving in the city. Although there isn’t much known about the fuel efficiency of this model, it’s definitely a popular choice for urban travel and is considered one of the best Toyota cars for city driving.




Toyota is one of the automotive leaders in terms of overall quality. That coupled with their smaller vehicle designs means that they're ideal for city driving. Whether your commute takes you through town or across rough terrain, these cars are built to handle it. Contact Hilltop Toyota today to check out your favorite Toyota cars in Salmon Arm.